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Automated Gates and Barriers play an essential Perimeter Security role in regulating, vetting and restricting the flow of persons and traffic to and from your site. Similarly, when visitors arrive, gate automation or perimeter barriers are often their first point of contact, so appearance, operation and security of your site entrance and exit area is important.


This is reflected in the design of all Sonic Security Services Automated Gates & Barrier products. Whether the requirement is for a simple, low-cost barrier for relatively low volume usage, a heavy duty barrier for frequent operation, or a motorised barrier that can operate at high speeds for particularly busy premises, we will design & install a system to meet your needs.  


Systems may incorporate a standard intercom panel, or audio and video intercom for visitor vetting & surveillance.  Advanced systems may be integrated with our Avigilon Licence Plate Recongnition CCTV (LPR) systems, to automatically grant access to vehicles setup and registered on the Avigilon system.

Automated Gate and Barrier Systems may be integrated with LPR and/or PC based controlled access systems where registered cardholders/vehicles on the site data base can obtain access by presenting their cards within the proximity of a pedestal mounted card reader.  Alternatively a Vehicle Access Tag may be used which is specially designed for attachment to the underside of vehicles and allows hands free site entrance where integrated with Car Park Control software modules.  Otherwise LPR systems may be used which automatically recognise vehicle number plates within the system.










Photo of Vandal Resistant Audio Entry Access Control System

Automated Barriers & Gates Installations

Integrated Entry Barrier Vehicle Access Control

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If your requirement is for a Automated Barrier Access control integration with passive or "hands free" proximity card use, using cards or active proximity tags. We can install our Siemens Granta, SiPass, Janus, SATEON, TDSI or a Paxton.  We are certified in the installation of IP Network systems, to give our customers ease of use, operating with a Windows package.  Rest assured in our Expert Advice capability for IP Networking systems!












axxon certified partner

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