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Automatic number plate recognition systems have moved from being used by Government and Police to main stream use in high security applications and car parking control and enforcement,  ANPR technology is now a workable solution for many business operations.  Implementing ANPR a reduction in recurring manpower costs associated with tasks involving the controlling of vehicle access to secure areas, and monitoring vehicle access, are achievable.  

Bosch ANPR Dual Camera

Main Features:

Automatic Number Pate Recognition

Automated Operator Prompts

Automated Vehicle / Driver Details

Operation of Barriers / Gates

Calculation of Parking Charges

Windows Network Operation

ANPR systems now are extremely effective in providing secure transport surveillance umbrellas:


Records images of number plates on vehicles, even those moving at up to 100 mph, day and night

Can check a number against a database if required

Configured units will create an operator alarm for specific vehicles or parameters

Integration with barrier systems simple to achieve to provide vehicle access control




















Cost effective ANPR commonly used for:

Petrol stations

Airports and Ports

Government Facilities

Business and Industrial Car parks

Cinemas, theatres, concert halls


Railway & Bus stations

Retail environment

Sports and leisure complexes

ANPR Car Park Management systems allow Car parks to be monitored 24/7 logging times of entry and exit and recording/transmitting data. Any overstay vehicles can be automatically issued with bespoke Parking Charge Notifications (PCNs), subject to membership of the IPC/BPA.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) System 


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